Geroni Listening


Hey dude,
You’ve managed to stumble upon Geroni Listening, a music blog run by two boys that like a lot of Indie and a lot of Pop with bits and pieces of neat stuff in between. We hope you enjoy your stay here and find something that you will enjoy!

For recent posts by Teddy and Zissou, click on the album art to be led to a direct download of the album. Older posts by Teddy and Zissou have the download link under the album art.

Regarding the quality of the albums: Everything Teddy rips from his collection is in V0 (VBR). Everything Zissou rips from his collection is in 320 KBPS. Most albums may be lower than this. We try our best not to hit the dreaded 128 KBPS, but sometimes it is the only option. We also try to not have any M4A, though this is also impossible at times.

If you want us to upload your band or some other kind of musical project you’re related with email Teddy at or leave a comment! Chances are we will like it. This is also the e-mail to contact in case you want something removed, or leave a comment. Check back often for albums, show reviews, and other cool little this and thats.


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