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October 1, 2009

Grand Salvo – Death (I Don’t Care If This Came Out In 2008, I’m Still Going To Share It During 2009 Week)

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This album is way too good not to share.

In many ways, Death is the most fully realised fruit from the much lauded imagination of the man behind Grand Salvo, Paddy Mann. While previous works revealed the storyteller in Mann, Death is a complete fable of rich proportions. A bird, a rabbit, a rat, a bear and a man all tell their own tale, coming together to weave a beautiful fairytale that will resonate with anyone of any age. It’s all in the telling – Mann has composed stunning orchestrations flowing seamlessly between delicate gestures and majestic outpourings for songs with an overwhelming spectrum of feeling.

The album was conceived before the release of 2005’s The Temporal Wheel on Preservation and slowly borne out over several years. As Preservation encouraged the work into being, so did the idea of collaborating with Spunk for its release to herald it far and wide.
Both Spunk and Preservation are thrilled and proud to both be involved with what should be seen as a major work from an Australian artist. -Grand Salvo Biography, taken from Spunk Records.

Recommended for fans of Mount Eerie, The Chronicles Of Narnia, or anything else of that sort.


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