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September 19, 2009

Watercolor Paintings – Open Your Mouth

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watercolor paintings mmmm
Twee, Pop, Lo-Fi

This is what we call “twee as fuck”. I mean look at that picture; how cute and cuddly is that? Watercolor Paintings is a brother-sister (mainly sister) duo that plays sweet songs on ukuleles, harps, and guitars. I mean really sweet songs. The kinda songs you listen to and think about how beautiful everything is. When I saw them here in Birmingham they had everyone sit on the floor while they played without microphones. People in other bands playing with them (and by other bands I mean iji!) sang along during their songs at certain parts. It was a very “have fun” show. They also told us that they had been on tour for 40 days and that’s, “like so many days on tour”. They are also really sweet people; it really was a pleasure to meet them both. I highly recommend this album for fans of twee, indie-pop, and music.

Let me tell you though, if you enjoy this album PLEASE BUY IT! W.P. is on a very tiny independent label, so much so you’ll have to e-mail them for details on how to order this album. But seriously, buy this, attend a show, just in some way support the band. I got to see them for $8 and only spent $5 on this album. Is it going to kill you to give up morning coffee and a pastry for this album? I think not.

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