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August 7, 2009

Busdriver – Temporary Forever

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Rap, Hip-Hop


I’ll let this dude from do all of the talking:
Busdriver is rapidly becoming one of the greatest mc’s of all time. I rank him up there with the members of Freestyle Fellowship. All of Busdriver’s albums — “This Machine Kills Fascists,” “Memoirs of the Elephant Man,” “Temporary Forever,” and “The Weather” — are classics. This album in particular is probably the best introduction to Busdriver for those that haven’t heard him before.

Check the opening track where he keeps pace with a hiphop version of the popular cellphone ring “Badinerie” by Johann Sebastian Bach. He doesn’t just rap, he creates melodies. As he said, “I have a trained ear, I’m a jazz man.”

Busdriver was influenced by jazz/scat singer Jon Hendricks (of Hendricks, Lambert and Ross — whose song “Everybody’s Boppin'” he rapped over in “Everybody’s Stylin'”) and swing guitarist Django Reinhardt — basically, his ear appreciates fast, difficult music with lightning-quick changes in tempo and tone.

This album is sick. If you have any appreciation for music whatsoever you will love this stuff. And if you like fast, jazz-inspired rap delivery of the Project Blowed/Freestyle Fellowship variety, you will really really love this. What other mc could freestyle while ordering at a drive through? “Give me a personburger cause eating a hamburger’s worse than murder…”

This album is produced mainly by Paris Zax with some tracks by Daddy Kev and OD (Omid). It’s got several interludes, skits, & an a cappella, with cameos by Radioinactive, Rhetoric, 2mex, and Xololanxinxo. Aceyalone pairs up with Busdriver for the first time on the OD produced “Jazz Fingers” (the instrumental of which can be found on OD’s “Afterwords II”).

I listened to this album and nothing else for a month straight after I got it. ‘Nuff said.


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