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May 21, 2009

Times New Viking-Stay Awake

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tnv stay awake
Lo Fi, Noise-Pop



Rambling about when I saw them, skip ahead to next paragraph for EP stuff:
Such a great band. I saw them back in December opening for Deerhunter. They played after Nite Jewel who was really boring and not very good. But goddamn, did Times New Viking warm up the crowd. Adam (the drummer) beat the piss out of the drums, so much so he broke his cymbal and the other little cymbal thing about three-fourths of the way through their set. They just played on. Since I was up front I grabbed the cymbal (it sits in my room to this day!). After the show I found Jared (the guitarist) and asked him to sign it. Jared had been hanging out in the smoking room and had a “special smell” to him. He then told me that only Adam could sign the cymbal since it was his. And then he lectured my friend on the tiny cymbal and why it’s bad. I asked him why he didn’t like it, to which he responded, “Uh, I mean, I dunno, it’s just the sound it makes y’know?” So after our memorable encounter with Jared we walked over to the merch table and found Adam, I asked him to sign the cymbal. “Dude, is that the cymbal?” “Yeah, I grabbed it when it broke off.” “That’s awesome!” Ah yes, Times New Viking= ❤

The EP:
I've been meaning to download this for a long time, and I'm so glad I finally did. Probably my favorite EP of last year. For those who have never heard TNV, think noise-rock like No Age, but with indie pop hooks mixed over layers of static. I also find them much better and more interesting than No Age. The EP only clocks in at 11:22 but it feels much longer. The songs sound a lot better than "Rip It Off", their previous album The tracks still have that gritty, noise to them which we have all come to love. And then the twee qualities are still here. Check this EP and band out.


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