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April 15, 2009

Lemon Demon-View Monster

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Geek Rock, Synth-Pop

Preview: Entire Album Demo: (check it out)

Download: Pt. 1-
Pt. 2-

Lemon Demon is Neil Cicirega (, a man who should need no introduction. Besides doing fun things like playing with puppets, wacking his cats with bananas, and winning Youtube video awards Neil makes music. In the past Lemon Demon has been known for humor writing and cheesy synths (see: The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate), but this album differs from the past. Neil takes on a more serious sound, still utilizing the synths. His voice sounds a load better, far less pre-mature and nasally. Nearly every song has perplexing lyrics that can be interpreted in each person’s own way. This is far from the silly lyrics that have not necessarily plagued Neil, but taken away credibility as a serious musician. He even references this in the song “The Only House That’s Not On Fire (Yet)” quoting, “Punchline, is that there is no punchline”. Lemon Demon still has the perfect nerd sound, keeping the synths to the lead while still relying on guitar, drums, etc. This is the best thing out right now in Geek Rock and in one of the best synth-pop albums of last year. A definite download.


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    You might love Casey James and the Stay-Puft Kid’s “Transylvania Radio”, which sonically takes place in an equally haunted setting, and reminds me of a dizzier (and slightly folksier – yet they pair banjos with game boys) View-Monster. Perhaps that’s sacrilege, because Transylvania Radio is fairly inaccessible at first glance (but I promise there is perfect pop goodness under the crazy arrangements), but MAN, WHATEVER. The album’s available for free at the group’s website,, which may steal your blogographic thunder, I don’t even know.

    But yeah! High fives to you for creating and maintaining a blog that gives away an absurd amount of music. I’ve got some new albums to listen to now – thanks!

    Comment by j2 — June 29, 2009 @ 7:26 pm

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