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March 30, 2009

The Flaming Lips-20 Years Of Weird: Flaming Lips 1986-2006

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Psychedelic-Rock, Experimental

Preview: (ignore the video)


Here’s an interesting album. Originally it was given out at festivals to which the band’s documentary was premiering, but then they decided to ship it everywhere. Well not everywhere, just independent record stores (I got mine at a Virgin Megastore, wat). Perhaps signifying the Lips starting small? That’s the assumption I made, as this has a Lips song from every era of their ever-evolving career. The Lips started out as a noise meets psychedelic rock band, but really emphasizing the noise. They admit that they were not very good at this point or talented. I do love the version of “With You” and it’s grungey sort of feel. And the “Whole Lotta Love” cover is loud and fun. “Shine On Sweet Jesus” moves along to The Lips more fuzz-based sound while keeping a Lo-Fi-ness. And this part of their career really evolves forward from here and expands into the next tracks on the album as they nabbed guitarist Ronald Jones. The Lips called him the best guitarist ever; Jones did unimaginable things on the guitar, incorporating sounds that shouldn’t be made on the instrument. Then they moved into their serious stage, incorporating strings and horns. However, the version of “Sleeping on the Roof” is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard. Multiple cars playing tapes at the same time and resulting in voices yelling “Shut the fuck up” over and over again. It’s a clusterfuck of beauty and oddity at once. Then it closes with a most recent recording of “The Observer”. This album really displays the history of The Lips, but it’s not for a first time listener . Pick it up if you are already a fan.


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